Thursday, 27 October 2011

why do I feel like this

What are these feelings that surround this myself ... I feel sad, I feel guilty, I feel scarred heart ... anything that interferes with my mind now? I can not read the will myself ... speak to me! I was in the clutches of narrow thinking -.- oh god, what my mind is playing this? you open the door of my heart not to be inclined towards this trivial problem .. if I have this problem as it will not burden others and also led them to the problems faced by me ... I do not want them to feel what I feel now more than fine bear let me alone ..I should not be sulky, and so on ... (what a shame when the well-known later) I will be ridiculed later .. hummpphh!! I may be a little bit jealous ... haiishh!! I must prevent it from happening ... if not I would be losing someone I loved it right ... -.- I must do from now ... dear im so sorry :)

1 comment:

  1. what happen to you dear ? u never told m this :(