Thursday, 27 October 2011

why do I feel like this

What are these feelings that surround this myself ... I feel sad, I feel guilty, I feel scarred heart ... anything that interferes with my mind now? I can not read the will myself ... speak to me! I was in the clutches of narrow thinking -.- oh god, what my mind is playing this? you open the door of my heart not to be inclined towards this trivial problem .. if I have this problem as it will not burden others and also led them to the problems faced by me ... I do not want them to feel what I feel now more than fine bear let me alone ..I should not be sulky, and so on ... (what a shame when the well-known later) I will be ridiculed later .. hummpphh!! I may be a little bit jealous ... haiishh!! I must prevent it from happening ... if not I would be losing someone I loved it right ... -.- I must do from now ... dear im so sorry :)

behold lover of my heart

I do not know how to describing a meeting between me and her (I'm ashamed) hahaha "OMG"! I wondered how my own but do not even know then I asked her and she did not know too .. (very sweet right?) hahahaha ... but she knew that I too love her, I pleaded with the recognition that I really loved her (I am proud for a while) hahaha! she has the personality of the child, caring, friendly, a pretender, they look cute to me .. I love it and I need to see the love of it ... (I'm serious about this) hahaha! I do not mind she looks somehow and have good behavior .. she can give happiness to me well (i love her) hehehe she is a very funny and always makes me laugh themselves ... Oh dear ~ hahaha ! thank God for sending the angel to me and I will take care of, cherish her always .. too much I want to say whatever I really love you, baby !

Friday, 21 October 2011

not even funny -.-

The most unfortunate day for me!! errgghh!! think life is bad right when friends who behave like monkeys .. (hahaha) excuse me friends .. = p .. I am not want to talk like that for you but you always make me angry .. (hahaha, like that la)today in the cafeteria I do bullying with two small apes near college .. (I mean asyraf and sam) All sorts of things do they do it to me .. woefully ill-mannered! (hahaha) I made ​​the stories in this article do not have what is just to share my experience of this unfortunate human beings .. (hahaha)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

When the remote sending love

everyone knows what it would feel like we send love and affection from someone who is very far and now I feel the feeling back hard .. I want to believe!!
hmm, why do she has responded to me .. she say "hi, how are you? long I do not text message with you, so I love you .. be my friend" what the purpose of her, huh? just to stay on my heart?
....[ Excuse me] ... you have cast me away from your heart, and now there is no way back into your lap .. because I no longer keep my feelings to you ^^...
I already have that in love far more caring than you ... [pardon me say that it] .. excuse me once again kekasih gelap kuu ...-THE END-

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

new users !! (hahaha)

hello all blogspot users! hahaha I am very excited by my presence here as a new user in this blogspot (hahaha) ^ ^ ... ok I'll tell you "why I'm here" to tell all the story of my life ... I've only used books but now time has progressed so I use this blogspot to write about it ..
now time to introduce myself here!! (hahaha)
btw ... My name is hannry alexson, aged 21 (in the future I will reach age 22) .. I am still studying at Limkokwing University and pursued a course as a photographer .. why?? because I love it!! as cheerful in character .. ^ ^ (hehehe) .. at the same time I worked part time as well, (which is to give sustenance to my mummy and daddy too) .. I seen a nice person but very sensitive in every act of another person to me .. ^ ^ and I'm not someone who like to choose a friend ..I am a normal human ... had the advantage of me and some bad in me (honestly) ... whatever advantage I have is for myself and my friends and my mummy and daddy to make them happy .. so, what harm is there in me?? (hahaha) .. Last I tell you, you must promise not to grab whatever I have ... (hahaha) .. mmm, ok I am a bad person if you have that interferes with my work ... !! (hahaha), the second, I was a tyrant when others grab the middle of my food when I was hungry!! (kind of hungry young lion) hahaha! and the third is, that I may be angry when someone snap zoom pictures while I was sleeping, hahaha! why? I do not want you to see my face is asleep in your memory! what a shame!! (hahaha) and finally, that I may like to hide feelings of others .. there are things I can talk, and no matter that can not be my story to someone ^ ^ .. I am not sure whether you will understand what I was thinking about that time or not and sometimes I become confused as to bring the burden .. so I choose the path without you to understand the problems I had .. ^ ^ ...

btw, the story I got to the end, I forgot to tell you my religion, hahahaha! (so stupid) .. ^ ^ I Christian religions and Chinese descent children ... hehehe that's only just got here my story ^ ^ bye bye