Thursday, 27 October 2011

behold lover of my heart

I do not know how to describing a meeting between me and her (I'm ashamed) hahaha "OMG"! I wondered how my own but do not even know then I asked her and she did not know too .. (very sweet right?) hahahaha ... but she knew that I too love her, I pleaded with the recognition that I really loved her (I am proud for a while) hahaha! she has the personality of the child, caring, friendly, a pretender, they look cute to me .. I love it and I need to see the love of it ... (I'm serious about this) hahaha! I do not mind she looks somehow and have good behavior .. she can give happiness to me well (i love her) hehehe she is a very funny and always makes me laugh themselves ... Oh dear ~ hahaha ! thank God for sending the angel to me and I will take care of, cherish her always .. too much I want to say whatever I really love you, baby !


  1. adoyyyy letih ouh sengih baca entry ni , haduihhhh . btw thanks baby . awwwww , i m sooooooo touched , haduyyy cant stop smiling doh :D my mouth get cramp