Tuesday, 4 October 2011

new users !! (hahaha)

hello all blogspot users! hahaha I am very excited by my presence here as a new user in this blogspot (hahaha) ^ ^ ... ok I'll tell you "why I'm here" to tell all the story of my life ... I've only used books but now time has progressed so I use this blogspot to write about it ..
now time to introduce myself here!! (hahaha)
btw ... My name is hannry alexson, aged 21 (in the future I will reach age 22) .. I am still studying at Limkokwing University and pursued a course as a photographer .. why?? because I love it!! as cheerful in character .. ^ ^ (hehehe) .. at the same time I worked part time as well, (which is to give sustenance to my mummy and daddy too) .. I seen a nice person but very sensitive in every act of another person to me .. ^ ^ and I'm not someone who like to choose a friend ..I am a normal human ... had the advantage of me and some bad in me (honestly) ... whatever advantage I have is for myself and my friends and my mummy and daddy to make them happy .. so, what harm is there in me?? (hahaha) .. Last I tell you, you must promise not to grab whatever I have ... (hahaha) .. mmm, ok I am a bad person if you have that interferes with my work ... !! (hahaha), the second, I was a tyrant when others grab the middle of my food when I was hungry!! (kind of hungry young lion) hahaha! and the third is, that I may be angry when someone snap zoom pictures while I was sleeping, hahaha! why? I do not want you to see my face is asleep in your memory! what a shame!! (hahaha) and finally, that I may like to hide feelings of others .. there are things I can talk, and no matter that can not be my story to someone ^ ^ .. I am not sure whether you will understand what I was thinking about that time or not and sometimes I become confused as to bring the burden .. so I choose the path without you to understand the problems I had .. ^ ^ ...

btw, the story I got to the end, I forgot to tell you my religion, hahahaha! (so stupid) .. ^ ^ I Christian religions and Chinese descent children ... hehehe that's only just got here my story ^ ^ bye bye

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  1. gendud , sy dah follow awk :D